Axis Klärity


Product Description

3 simple and effective ingredients blend, combined with the exclusive proprietary Diffusion Technology. You may feel the benefits in minutes by simply allowing the strip to dissolve on your tongue!

What's In It?

Curcumin Conjugate : Derived from the Tumeric root. May help in the management of exercise-induced sore muscles.

NAC Conjugate: NAC has been shown to promote detoxification and to reduce oxidative stress in the body.

Thiamine Conjugate : Supports in helping calm the mind and enhance your mood to create clarity and focus.

Supports healthy
Supports overall
gut health
Helps create
clarity and focus

Diffusion Technology

This breakthrough technology was developed to offer a solution for the poor bioavailability and absorption of the more conventional forms of these ingredients. By encapsulating the ingredients with a carrier molecule that triggers facilitated diffusion absorption, this technology provides an optimal delivery system of these potent ingredients. Our conjugate formulas are water-soluble, more stable and deliver the minimum amount for maximum results!